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About E-Zee Set

E-Zee Set Wood Products is a wholesale manufacturer of shutters, doorlites, gable louvers, and brackets.

Humble Beginnings

In 1969, our first building was a 600 square foot store front in Detroit, Michigan. We pre-hung doors and started with a radial arm saw, one air compressor and two staple guns. Although we no longer pre-hang doors, we can provide many varied wood products to fit your requirements.

Full Manufacturing Capability

We now have a 14,000 square foot facility in Oak Park, Michigan and have upgraded from a few staple guns to several pieces of CNC (computer numerical controlled) equipment; automated assembly and processing equipment; a six-head Weinig moulder; a knife grinder; shapers; a Gang Rip Saw and a Resaw. All of this equipment helps us to make quality products time and time again.