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Doorlites and Louver Inserts

  • E-Zee Set Wood Products manufactures a full line of wood doorlites, louver inserts and door plant-ons.
  • These are available in basswood, beech, red oak, white maple, poplar, cherry, mahogany, and white oak. All are manufactured to your desired dimensions.
  • Lip style frames are normally pre-drilled for easy screw together installation but can be shipped without holes for nail-in installation.
  • “Flush” frames are also available for a more modern look.


  • Doorlites are available for 1-3/8” and 1-3/4” doors.
  • If you prefer to supply your own safety glass, we can supply “Open” doorlites to suit your needs.

Standard Lites

  • Standard sizes are available with 1/8” clear tempered glass. Other glass options include 1/4” clear tempered and specialty glass: satin etched, rain glass, antique glass, pattern 62, glue chip and low-e. Additional glass types available upon request. 

1-3/4" Lip Door Lite


1-3/4" Flush Door Lite


1-3/8" Lip Door Lite

Insulated Lites

  • Insulated glass is available in multiple configurations

Standard Insulated Door Lite


Special Insulated Door Lite

Divided Lites

  • Grilles are available to simulate divided door lites.

Evenly Spaced Divided Lite & Mullion

  • Custom sizes and grille configurations available

Prairie Style Divided Door Lite & Mullion

E-Zee Lite: Knocked-Down Doorlites

  • Knocked-down, “Open” doorlites are available for easy shipping and reduced shipping costs.
  • Shown Above: 10” x 24” E-Zee Lite Component Packages
  • Packaged with patented corner dovetail fasteners and screws
  • Grab a hammer and easily assemble the lites in less than 2 minutes

Louver Inserts

  • Louver inserts are a stylish, economical way to add ventilation in any door
  • Louver inserts are available for 1-3/8” and 1-3/4” doors
  • Mullion available on both styles for a divided look. Standard on 18” + Inserts
  • Mullion Available in Chevron & High Air Flow

Chevron Door Louvers

  • The Inverted “V” design of our chevron door louvers diffuses air flow while providing privacy

Lip Chevron Louver Insert with Mullion

Flush Chevron Louver Insert  with Mullion

High Air Flow Louver

  • Our high air flow flat slat louvers are designed to provide exceptionally high free air space while maintaining a pleasant, clean look.

Lip High Air Flow Flat Slat Door Louver with Mullion

Flush High Air Flow Flat Slat Door Louver with Mullion

Door Plant-Ons

  • Door Plant is available in 3 standard profiles

Doorlite Moulding
Profile Sheet