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Shutter Hardware

E-Zee Set hardware comes in three different categories. The three categories are Non-Operable / limited use hardware, heavy duty or heavy use hardware and faux hardware.

Standard – This category of hardware is perfect for shutters that will either be fastened to the wall or will be opened and closed on a limited basis. All the items in this category are galvanized and are powder coated.

Heavy Duty Hardware – This grade of hardware is ideal for homes that are either in a harsh climate or for homeowners that like to open and close their shutters often. This category of hardware is almost completely comprised of stainless steel pieces that are powder coated black.

Faux/Decorative Hardware – If your shutter is not going to move or it is only decorative, why pay more for hardware you do not need. The E-Zee Set Faux collection is great to dress up your shutters and give the appearance of operable shutters without the added expense.